Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the stuff that you do?
We create explainer animated videos which help to convey your messages to everyone. We inject sense of humor and fun into the videos we produced to capture people’s attention and interests. Check out our portfolio to see some samples of what we do.

2) How do I get started and what are the processes involved?
Chose the animation video package that matches with your requirements. After placing your order, we can start to work on the project right away.

3) How long does it take to deliver a one-minute animation video?
Normally, it will take about four to eight weeks. However, it depends on the level of complexity of the animation. 

4) Will it be possible to deliver an animation within a tight deadline, let’s say within two weeks?
Yes, it is possible. However, a rushed fee will be reflected in our rates.

5) For voice-over, what are the languages available?

Our Standard and Gold packages comes with English language voice-over only. The Custom package allows you to choose other languages.  We work closely with voice-over artists for a huge variety of languages and accents.

6) What are the payment terms?
50% deposit is required before the commencement of the project and 50% upon completion of the project, before we release the final file. In addition, official invoices will be generated. Client to bear any transaction costs.

7) I have approved the script & storyboard, can I change them again during animating stage?
Once the client has approved the script and storyboard as part of the pre-production stage, there will be extra charges for changes to the script and storyboard, depending on the complexity of the request.

8) Can you add a Gold Visuals credit at the end of my video?
Your videos are fully branded as yours. Still want our Gold Visuals credit too? Hell Yeah! no additional costs 😉